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June 13, 2012


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polymorphously perverse

I can easily understand why fans booed Chase Utley last night, and although I personally wouldn't have done so had I been in attendance, fans have the right to voice their displeasure.

Until now, Utley has enjoyed being seemingly above rapproach by the Philadelphia fan base and media since his entrance into the league. I feel that the mismanagement of his medical condition - which emanates straight from him - has at times bordered on selfishness and arrogance and has certainly hamstrung the Phillies organization in terms of its ability to determine its best major league roster for the 2012 season - and beyond.

In some ways, Utley is symbolic of the heretofore disastrous '12 season and I feel that he bears some culpability. Fans are frustrated because of the expectations placed on this team. We are witnessing the probable passing of the halcyon days as age, injuries, and perhaps some complacency at all levels of the organization has beset the product that is now double-digits out of first place in its division. If Utley had been perhaps more forthcoming - to himself, his teammates, and the front office - then it's possible he never would have heard boos last night. I think he can expect more of the same treatment from Phillies' fans when (if?) he reaches CBP in the near future and fails to execute his job to the level that is expected of him.

drug rehab centers

I hope he will be okay after Jul 3rd.

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