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January 24, 2013


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Base Ball

You missed a piece here: Chris Johnson's offensive numbers were about as good as Justin Upton's last year. Do you really think the Braves make that trade and then stick with "Mendoza line" Juan Francisco at 3B? Chris Johnson gives you some numbers at 3B, which you have overlooked completely in this hastily-written article.


Always thought Martin Prado was a little to arrogant. He showed it in contract negotiations... Bye, bye Martin!

A Robertson

low 300's and high 300's at third in the platoon.

total ownage in the outfield.

dump Prado's at least 6.8 million for a Johnson that gets 485k....

somehow I think we will be happy to have that 6 to 7 million flexibility.......

but nice article cough...

A Robertson

Now imagine if the Braves were owned by real owners, and they had 135 to 165 million to spend.

They have the best farm staff in the game.

Braves make it to the playoffs another decade or two.

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You missed a here: Chris Johnson attack data well to Justin Upton last year. Do you really think that warriors to trade and adhere to the "Mendoza line" Juan Francisco in 3 b? Chris Johnson give you some digital in 3 b, you ignore completely in this hurriedly write articles.

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Always think Martin pula is a small to pride. He showed it in the contract negotiations... Goodbye, Martin!


i think it was a pretty good move

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