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February 07, 2013


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Liz F.

Congratulations to the Hamels family on the adoption of Reeve. She will have a much better life now thanks to them. Plus she gets two awesome big brothers :)


Kudos to you for adopting, its truly a great thing... but can the next one be from the good old USA? There's plenty of children right here in our backyard that need adoption as well.


Dear SkiggyKamigy - how many children have you adopted from the good old USA? What makes you think it's your right to tell them who and how they should adopt? Congrats to the Hamels family on growing their family their way.


you did a great act of humanity


Absolutely wonderful , now i have a new baseball player i will root for.

Mark Schroeder

I don't see why they spent 4 years adopting this Ethopian baby when They could have adopted one from the United States. Like some hollywood people I think they get a kick out of doing this and then getting the praise for adopting these kids but my question is what about the poor child from the United States who isn't adopted and has to wait longer and then gets older and no one wants them.

Mark Schroeder

As of 2011 there were 104,000 kids in foster homes here in the United States and they go to Etheopia to adopt. They should be writing about how the Hamels forgot about the Americans needing homes and not praise them for what they did.


The babies in Ethiopia are often in a worse situation, just left to starve to death, abandoned. The country is poverty stricken, so compared to America, it makes since.

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