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April 25, 2013


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doug l

Well, he did make a great play to gun down JRoll at 2nd base in the first inning.

Bob McAfee

He wanted to see respect for his team and teammates.


Hey, moron. If you knew anything about McCutchen, you'd know he wasn't watching highlights "to admire himself." He's the ultimate team player and clearly just wanted to see his TEAM as the focus of the clips, especially since his team was the one who won the game.

Try to know what you're talking about before you post again so as to prevent yourself from looking like such an ass.


I agree with John. McCutchen is a humble, team-first player. If you go to PNC Park for a Pirates game, you will always see McCutchen taking the time to sign autographs for the kids before game time. To assume he was watching to "admire himself" is asinine. When he was at bat in the 2012 HR Derby, they used his entire at-bat airtime to interview Josh Hamilton. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been in MLB's basement for two decades and gets no national airtime or recognition as a result, even though they have been winning and even sweeping series' against the NL's top teams this season. They have been getting better each season and still don't get a microcosm of respect, and he is simply speaking the minds of the players and fans alike.

Nathan White

Clearly this writer has NO idea what he is talking about.Cutch is a stand-up player. You never see him bitch to anybody about anything. You philly fans and writers are ridiculous. All you do is cry cry cry about literally EVERYTHING.

T Dash

Wow...this writer is REALLY grasping at straws to find something to bitch about. Why not complain about what a bunch of geriatric overpaid underperforming players are currently stinking up the Phillies roster?

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