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May 27, 2013


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Tom K.

Ok, let's go through this........ Point 7, Mike Young is old and driven in about 10 runs; Delmon is out of shape and has been inconsistent at best. We will see....... Point 6, 2 young, average pitchers who will only come back to Earth....... Point 5, Utley has missed a week Chooch (other than PED suspension) 10 Days maybe; ask the Yankees about real injuries.......... Point 4, LOL that's all......... Point 3, "Not Hittin Season" is the dumbest thing I have ever heard; every team the Phillies have played have played in the same "Hittin Season" as them and they still lose....... Point 2, What prospects? The ones we have already traded away, The ones already with the club or the ones no other teams want in trades?....... Point 1, Michael Martinez?? Really, Michael Martinez???? The same one that couldn't make the Opening Day roster? That Michael Martinez??...... If these are the things we are hanging W.S. hopes on, Let's Go Eagles!!.....


Do you get paid to write this nonsense?

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