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June 12, 2013


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Lou Carboni

Ruben made deadline deals over each of the past years to improve the team's chances to win the series each year. He supported the core players with key additions at the deadline. The core players suffered injuries and did not deliver. You are correct...its time to change gears. At this year's deadline, the team will be sellers. Let's see what Ruben can do.

Bill Mulholland

I've been watching Phillies Games since 1950. I remember this very same situation in previous years. The rants are all the same "Fire the manager" "Get rid of the GM". I look at Charlie in awe. He has more Baseball knowledge in his little finger than almost any manager in MLB.Ruben Amaro didn't just become stupid. I think, the problem is rather simple: The Leagues are TOO BIG!! The season is TOO LONG! There aren't enough quality players to go around. When one or two of the best on a Team go lame, the whole machine breaks down. It's not time to panic but it is time to let Charlie & Rubin show their stuff. Anybody can be a local Hero when things go right. A real Hero can make a Silk Purse out of a Sows ear. A World Series isn't an expected event It's a once or twice event in a lifetime. That's why it's special.


It all starts at the top. Ruben has to go!!!!


It all starts with the hipsters and bandwagon/fair weather fans...its time to go


This team is leaking major oil at all levels...Much of it is structural, the farm system is BARREN, has been for years. All the contending teams have home-grown young studs contributing on a daily basis, who so for the Phils? Their "core" that won it in '08 was already aged...Howard was a 28 yo rookie, now he needs a wheelchair to "run" the bags, Utley is done, Rollins is done, and there's no real talent to backfill. Charlie has enabled the decline by not demanding player accountability from the beginning. And for god's sake, put Bastardo and the entire lot of middle relievers/ set-up guys on the bus ASAP! Wheeler can drive!
Whitey summed it up best..."Hard ta believe, Harry"

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