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June 25, 2013


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Rich Wilkins

Frank, that's insane. Lumping Papelbon with Lee is nuts, for starters. You trade Papelbon for players immediately, but understand that this will require paying money to lose him. Therefore, you don't get both players and money. Second off, you can't replace Lee- there's no free agent pitcher on that level coming available soon- so unless you're writing off 2014, forget trading Lee, throw it in the trash, and move on.

More importantly, I'd trade Utley 15 times before I'd even consider trading Lee. In fact, I'd trade him or Young right now, for even just one good prospect that will make our team soon. Draft choices are dicey (see Larry Greene), while you can get a player you want dealing these guys. Dump these guys for whatever you can, same for Chooch, and let's move on.

Absolutely though, light a dumpster fire with this shitter of a team.

A Facebook User

As much as I'd hate losing Utley, with Galvis/Hernandez Chase becomes a luxury. I'd throw Delmon Young in as a bonus, and look for more bullpen/bats. Trading ANY pitching is a lose/lose situation, giving up a premiere pitcher like Cliff Lee? That's plain dumb. You have GOT to have a basis for free agents to want to come to Philly. Once it was a winning tradition, NOW? Now we need to find those pieces again!

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