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July 10, 2013


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Im all about adding guys ... as long as the guys they are looking to add are with an eye towards next year and not just viewed as a rent a player for now only.

This year is a long shot, but I'm firmly in the camp that this is an extremely easy team to rebuild / retool at current. Meaning I'd never trade Lee and I'd look to bring Utley back (if its a Jimmy Rollins type deal).

I understand peoples logic when wanting sell everyone off and rebuild. But the fact is baseball does not cater to that method, it will take a LONG time. And when you are a team that has deep pockets (the phils), you can afford to not have fire sales and rebuild / retool relatively quickly.

There are guys to sell - Delmon, Chooch and possibly Michael Young (Id til after the deadline with M. young though and see where you are). But these guys arent gonna bring back too much. Regardless something is better than nothing.

There are guys that are tough calls - Utley and Paps

There are guys you dont sell unless you're a small market cash strapped team - Lee

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