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July 09, 2013


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I disagree completely actually.

The guy's been traded 3 times and netted none of them teams anything of quality, I'd assume this is often the case in these types of trades. Teams dont give their best prospects up like that. The 3 other trades I remember (Rolen, Schilling and Abreu) were all similar in crap that the phillies received. Not to mention the filth they received for Pence and Victo

This guy is making 25 mil a year for 2 or 3 more. Regardless, he's shown zero signs of slowing down and being any less dominant. And frankly his success is really not overly dependent on having dominant stuff, like many pitchers.

Perhaps I'm the only one who feels the Phillies are not in need of a HUGE rebuild to be successful though. Call me nuts but starting a minor retooling with Hamels and Lee at the top of your order is really a good thing in my book

If this team had a bullpen that wasnt the worst in baseball they are right up the braves ass, possibly even in first alone. This team is really not a tough rebuild

Greg Pinto

Outside of the deal with Cleveland, which looked like highway robbery from the get-go, Lee actually fetched pretty promising prospects.

All three of the players the Phillies received from Seattle were top Mariners prospects. Justin Smoak was one of the best prospects in baseball before the Rangers traded him.

Hell, the Mariners almost had a deal with the Yankees that would have landed them Jesus Montero, baseball's number one prospect at the time, before the Mariners backed out.

It's definitely a gamble, but one that a team like the Phillies—on the periphery of contention at best and not really a contender—have to take.

And that's especially true when teams with deep pockets and loaded farm systems (namely, Boston and Texas) come calling.

I don't disagree with you that having Hamels and Lee at the top of the rotation is an excellent start, but would you have been vocal about Roy Halladay's decline before it was obvious?

In my opinion, the Phillies have the depth to move a guy like Lee and still be competitive, especially with a looming TV deal.

They just don't have the supporting cast to contend anymore, even with Lee. Howard, Utley, Rollins, Ruiz... These guys are well past their "prime."

If you're going to replace them with homegrown players like Ruf, Hernandez, Galvis, Franco, etc., you need to add to what you have.

If Texas offers you nearly five years of control of a player like Jurickson Profar for two-plus years of an expensive Cliff Lee, how do you say no?

A Facebook User

Why does everyone insist Jurickson Profar as the savior at 3rd? The kid in Reading looks like the real deal, and Cody Asche ain't chopped liver. Getting rid of a top competitor, and NOT getting a top PITCHING prospect back is just nuts! You've said yourself, Greg, that pitching is at a premium. Where do we replace Lee? You aren't going to find a free agent better OR cheaper. Sell off M Young...dump Papelbon. But for God's sake, give the fans in Philly at least a DREAM of a possible win 2 days out of 5. And you do know if Hamels record this year were 7-7 instead of 3-11, this would be a BUYING situation, not a selling.

Greg Pinto

Any Lee deal isn't going to be a "one-for-one" kind of deal. You'd be looking to receive a package of prospects that would undoubtedly include a pitcher.

If you can build a deal with Texas that includes some combination of Profar, Mike Olt, Cody Buckel, Wilmer Font, Joey Gallo, etc., you make that deal.

The Phillies need to restock talent for the future. Moving Lee gives you the best possible chance of acquiring multiple top pieces.

And while I agree that pitching needs to be put at a premium, beggers can't be choosers. Having two ace-caliber, left-handed starters is a luxury.

And I'm not going to get in a debate over pitcher's wins and losses. That stat has no merit.

Also, compared to Profar, Franco and Asche pretty much are chopped liver, as far as prospects go.

If I were in charge, Lee, Papelbon, M. Young, D. Young, Rollins, Utley and Ruiz would all have new homes come August 1. (Which is why I'm not in charge.)

Stan Goldwasser

I'm in complete agreement on trading Lee and others that will not be part of the Phillies foundation. The team needs a shortstop, right fielder, a starter, and possibly a second baseman for the future. I think Papelbon would be the most difficult to part with because there is no current replacement. If the team waits till next year they risk not being able to trade for the Profar's, Wongs, and Pederson's they could acquire now. I take the big picture approach, feeling better about the next 5 to 10 years, rather than win at all costs right now. Remember, we have an average team, it is not like we are dismantling the 2008 edition of the Phillies. By the way, with the addition of Michael Wacha, those are the players I'd like to add to the roster.

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