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August 19, 2013


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Ryan Smith

If you think MLB is "brilliant" because of this move, you've just been conned by the Selig suits. I'm not a fan of A-Rod, but MLB knows very well that no attorney is going to sign a document that a TV host just handed him, especially without reading it and conferring with his client; any attorney who would have signed that document on TV has no brain whatsoever. Furthermore, MLB should explain why they sent a legal document to Matt Lauer instead of to A-Rod's attorney -- typically, communicating with someone other than the attorney of record is a major ethical violation that can get you sanctioned. My guess is that MLB knew the attorney would not sign on camera, and would use that refusal to make A-Rod look bad; if the attorney takes it home, reads it carefully, discusses it with A-Rod and then decides to start blabbing, then MLB will look even sleazier than it already does. If he still refuses to talk, then he still looks bad, but MLB could have achieved that result without this Vince McMahon-style grandstanding.

Anthony B.

Then he shouldn't have claimed that that was the ONLY thing stopping him from talking. He was saying they'd LOVE to talk about it, not that he'd possibly be able to talk about it after conferring with his client. He claimed that MLB were the ones standing in the way, and it was a lie. It was a brilliant move on their part because it wrecked their image, regardless of whether or not the move was obviously necessary from a legal standpoint.

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