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December 04, 2013


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Johnnie K

Amaro, even though I don't agree with hardly ANY of his moves, and he seems stuck in his ways, he is caught in between the proverbial rock and a hard place. With the TV contract coming into affect, he has to AT LEAST put perception out that the Phillies are contenders, and unfortunately, he thought that would be best served to keep the core. The only one of the core position players I agreed with was Chutley, because he is like our "Jeter". Ryan Howard and Rollins were the ones that I think 95% of Phillies fans would have let go of. The Cardinals, as much as I hate them, are the picture of how a franchise should be built - not around a $25 million first baseman. Amaro seems to think in archaic stats like HR and RBI. What good are Ryan Howard's HR & RBI numbers if no one is getting on in front of him?? And can we really bank on him to hit 40 bombs again? A power guy like him, with the leg problems he's had, and the age he is at, he will be a shell of his former self. This team needs an injection of youth, not just to "retool or rebuild" but to get some hunger back, guys that haven't hit the big paycheck, yet. I think Sandberg is about the smartest move Amaro has made since signing Cliff Lee. I loved Charlie, and he was good for the team that we DID have for that run through 2011. Sandberg will be perfect for fundamental baseball, new life, and managing youth. Now we just have to make room for those types of players.....

John Hilton

Posts trashing the Phils might be good for clicks, but the reality is the team is doing what it needs to do.

The team is in a transition phase and throwing more good money after bad isn't the way out. Give another $60-$75 million contract to the likes of Garza or Jimenez? No thanks.

Pay $90 million, or even $154 million, for a Choo, or Cruz, or Ellsbury? Hell, no. Ellsbury has averaged 96 games played the past four years.

That's how crazy this market is.

The bottom line is the Phils are tied to Howard at 1st base, Hamels and Lee on top of the rotation, and for one more year, Rollins at SS.

Even with no further additions, they should field a competitive team if they can stay healthy.

Franco, Biddle, Crawford and the No. 7 pick in this draft form the bridge to the future.

To waste a tens of millions of dollars on guys who only make you marginally better, at best, is stupid.

Phils are playing it smart for once in showing restraint.

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