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December 16, 2013


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Greg Vince

I think it's clear ownership intervened between the Byrd and Ruiz signings and Winter Meetings. I also think it's clear Amaro is punting '14. I also think it's clear that it's probably his last season as Phillies GM.

I can't fault ownership. If you're shelling out $140 million on a team that isn't winning you'd probably want as much of that dumped as possible too. I think once it it became clear that there are too many holes to patch on the roster, taking the cheap way out is a plausible idea.

Yeah it won't win them any new fans for sure but they really don't have any other options either. I think they'll be selling early next season if they don't start selling now which it appears conversations are already starting.

Rubes BPD

i like the theory that Rube is really doing all this because after next season a lot of money comes off the books and hes just biding time.


The only way for the fans to respond is to stop going to the games. Hit this incompetent front office (Rube and the owners) where it will hurt them most.

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