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February 21, 2014


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Johnnie K

Hold on....he's looking average, throwing batting practice?!?!?!?! WE'RE talking about practice....It's not like he was throwing a bullpen or a simulated game...he was throwing batting practice, where he is only to keep his arm loose and LET the guys hit the ball!!!! Making too much out of nothing at this point!

Thomas J Botchulism

The writers of this blog have to be the biggest idiots ever. And i been blocked from posting comments on their facebook posts. Don't know why, very hypocritical for those who express their negative feelings daily about a team they cover, and I expressed my feelings on how big of boneheads they are in their reporting. Anyway, this is typical from these clowns. Batting practice is practice for the batter, not the pitcher. He is not giving it his all. This guy is not going to be the next doc halladay, be lucky if he is in the majors this year. You dont want to rush him. Idiots.

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