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March 18, 2014


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Who's going to play SS?


Just what we need. A SS with a .280 OBP.


Do we have to enter a captcha every time here?

Dickie Thong

I haven't had to enter a captcha, but I always login to my Typepad account.


Nice content on this site. Now I can lurk and occasionally post here in addition to BL and TGP.


i like the architecture of this blog. frequent interesting headers. just a nice clean linear conversation. i guess i need an avatar. i can see also reading tgp and ca but posting here. i'll miss the pale gray background at bl. much easier on the eyes.


more drama off the field than results on the field. Going to be a fun year.


Rollins is here to stay, in my opinion.
There was a story in his benching, but that is now old news.
The newer stories seem like lazy journalism. It's easier to add pure speculation to an existing story than it is to dig up something new.

Willard Preacher

Cyclic, thanks for the reco on this site. It does have what I liked at BL (one "main" thread for running comments that encourage dialog among posters). Worth digging up that old TypePad password. Optimistic about game threads.

Now, if there was just someway to permanently get rid of the video in the lower right hand corner...


Maybe we can trade Rollins and DeSean Jackson and a 2nd rd pick (NFL) to Detroit for Calvin Johnson and Bruce Rondon and a 2nd rd pick (mlb).

Dickie Thong

Rollins quote: "...anything short of a complete disaster, I’m wearing red and white pinstripes."


Take out all of the political factors and just focusing on Galvis vs Rollins: At first glance you might think that since Rollins's 2013 season was so poor, that he is barely an upgrade over Galvis and therefore worth dumping.

However, I believe that Galvis is actually much worse of a player than he has shown so far. His peripherals and approach are amongst the worst in the majors in my opinion.

He has a HR hitter level K% without the HR, a contact hitter's lack of walks without making contacts, and a speedy small body stature without the speed.

In a full season, I would expect him to be the worst qualified hitter in the entire league.

Willard Preacher

"However, I believe that Galvis is actually much worse of a player than he has shown so far."

Agree 100%. For a prospect who was being groomed for a full time job, the fact that he's since been relegated to a utility role, and that JRoll was signed for 2 (potentially 3) years, tells me that the Front Office agrees, too. Of all the things we bang on the FO for messing up, shifting Galvis to utility guy should not be one of them.

Dickie Thong

Astros Inquiring On First Basemen

"Stark says Houston has placed calls on Mike Carp, John Mayberry and Tyler Moore, though he classifies each of the three as an 'unlikely fit.'"



How long before posters start pining for Mayberry?

I don't want him, but I have this fear he might have a season like Schierholtz last year if he plays for another team.


This is pretty much exactly how I feel about it:


(By the way, Cyclic, thanks for the site recommendation. I'll try it out.)


Actually I think all credit should go to awh.

I'm pretty sure he posted about this site before I did. Either way, glad to see the familiar names.


If they really want to trade him then just bench him. Have him play every 8 or so games. I had a problem with him saying the same thing last year. Jimmy should have never been resigned to this current contract. They should have let the brewers sign him.
They did not offer Pat the Bat a contract. They traded Victorino and should not have. They did not sign Werth and should have. They (Reuben) have made some bad decisions over the last few years! Jimmy get on the plane and jet!


Zolecki has a great article on the bullpen:

Right now, basically Papelbon, Bastardo, Diekman, and Lincoln are the locks, leaving 3 spots for Phillippe Aumont, Justin De Fratus, B.J. Rosenberg, Kevin Munson, Mario Hollands, David Buchanan, Shawn Camp, Jeff Manship and Sean O'Sullivan.

I think Munson is a lock, based on Rule 5 history. To me, the last 2 should probably be Rosenberg and then whoever is getting sent down when Adams comes off the DL.


Rosenberg is awful.

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