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May 11, 2014


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Mike Lacy

If you know my history, you know I don't want to see Amaro go, but obviously I'm not happy with the bench and bullpen.

I wonder how much is bad planning, and how much is bad luck.

For instance, before the season, most people would have pegged Galvis as a very good bench piece. And yet, he wasn't.

As for the bullpen, tt seems like the Phillies are overdue for one of these guys to work out. Everything they try fails though.

Relievers are notoriously inconsistent, so the best you can usually do is look for peripherals like K/9. And the Phillies guys have actually been good in that regard!

guy roman

Can the owner of the Phillies, show some common baseball sense and FIRE (get the hell rid of that baseball moron, Ruben Anmaro Jr. He turned a great 2008 team into a group of "minor league , aging talent after his moronic moves to get rid of Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, and then Nate Scherholtz and Hunter Pence, after he did not sign Werth. None listed here better than Werth and Victorino. Revere is a pop-gun hitter with limited catching skills. Will never hit 20 HRs in a season like Victorino or come close to the RBI production of Werth or Victorino. And the bullpen is a TOTAL debacle/disgrace put together by the moron Amaro Jr. Get rid of him NOW PLEASE you supposed fan owner!!!!


Ive read the phillies have sent down Jayson Nix.... Which makes me wonder why they got rid of Frandsen?

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