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June 17, 2014


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So what Mr. Montgomery is saying is that it is of no matter what has happened and who destroyed the Team, he is free to do the same thing again. Fans unite and avoid the game and see if you can effect some change. I know Mr. Montgomery is ill, but perhaps the effects of surgery and all the meds have clouded his thought process.


If he can't see it coming, he better be prepared to duck. that's the pat on the back before the slam.


Based on Mr. Montgomery's comments may be it should be a package deal--both he and Ruben should go. This team and the minor league system are a disaster under Amaro's watch. He has no ability to judge talent, determine plan for the future or negotiate a deal (negotiate does not mean throw money at it to get it done. Loyalty is great--give Ruben a job where he can't affect the baseball operations--but not at the expense of success

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