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August 05, 2014


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Why is it, we as fans ACTUALLY KNEW that the break-down needed to happen last year, but Ruben and management are just now acknowledging it??? They use ,we, the fans' acceptance as the reason for NOT starting a rebuild sooner??? WE ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR IT SINCE THE END OF THE 2012 SEASON!!!! We saw the decline start in 2011 from the position players!! We realized Jimmy, Chase, Ryan, Halladay and Lee were all getting older. But yet he kept putting aging pieces around them to try and maintain contention, Delmon Young, Marlon Byrd, Raul Ibanez, Juan Pierre, papelbon, Mike Adams, etc... All the while misjudging the talent in the farm system....it's time for the complete franchise overhaul, a la 76ers...

Tom J

Can Hinkie run the Phillies Organization too?


It's refreshing to read Ruben actually acknowledge that the organization needs to change. Unfortunately the kind of change that they require is a complete upheaval (which may take longer than two years). I hope that the Phillies front office understands this, and is prepared to act accordingly. This offseason is a perfect time to begin implementing better business practices (ie. eliminating contract vesting options and clauses, better scouting, revamp farm system). Ruben Amaro is a very effective GM for sustaining success. Unfortunately, I'm not too confident that the guy possesses the same tools and wherewithal for a complete rebuild, which is what this team requires. Based on his openess here, it sounds like his leash is much longer than it should be. I suppose that I should be glad that I'm finally reading Ruben admit that this team needs change? Despite this being abundantly clear last year.

Bob Batts

This guy has made the Phillies the Sillies. Huge contracts to mediocre players killed this team. He keeps brainwashing everyone with Howatd and Brown. Forget about it they've had their year. How do you go from an all star to Howard's clone in a year. Ruben Amaro is outclassed as a GM and the Sillies will be outclassed as long as he is making decisions.


Get rid of Rubin and Ryno which does not know how to manage a team. Bring back Charlie. Hire a GM that knows what they are doing


Change needs to begin by FIRING RUBEN AMARO. GET RID OF HIM NOW!!!!!

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