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July 10, 2012


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Talbot's Fucking Penis

We see how well it's worked for teams in the past who didn't trade their "soon to be free agent"...Mets got nothing in return for Jose Reyes, and just let him walk. Cleveland got nothing in return when Thome left almost 10 years ago. It makes zero sense to hang onto a player who himself said he's going to test free agency if you're out of the playoff hunt. If you think you can sign him right now at the end of the season, trade him and try to do that. Cole is smart enough to understand the business side of it, and has already said he wouldn't take a trade personal.


If JRoll is so concerned about winning, why doesnt he do things winners do? Like stop popping up , stop swinging for the fences. Short swing up with 2 strikes! Run balls out! Hit for avg. Take a walk, the list goes on and on! Step up your game JROLL. PLAY SMARTER. that goes for Victorino too. Team needs a smarter approach. Oh and it needs a bullpen. Team is top heavy. Balance is key. When you are top heavy and more than one of those big contract guys gets hurt, it is over. Lets build a team for the future.

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