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August 07, 2012


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Linda Stein

"If Brown has come up to the majors and struck out 10 or 11 times, was hitting .192 instead of .292 and making fielding blunders, we would easily question his presence in the Phillies lineup."

You DO realize you just described Ryan Howard to a tee, right??

Sports Talk Philly

Haha, excellent point, Linda! I guess with Howard you just have to let him play it out... he hit a home run yesterday, so he's showing signs.


I like your point Linda. The big difference is that if Brown played like Ryan Howard, he would be back in the monors and later packaged for a middle reliever. Unfortunately, we will have to endure Howard for another five-years. RAJ is betting Nine-figures on it. Howard hit a homer last night and then struck out three straight times. Dave Kingman, Rob Deer, and Gorman Thomas were never that bad.

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