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August 17, 2012


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Not quite, but I also do make 11,000,000 dollars for about 8 months of work. I don't think it is too much to expect that he plays the game hard every single day. If he can not do that any longer, then quit. Don't keep soaking up money and give less than a complete effort.

w mignani

I think I heard of 3 instances about Jimmy not busting down the line etc, 1x late in ny, 1x not hustling and this incident... now he has been a philly for what, 12 or 13 years and 3 is how many u can come up with, we all "check" out from time to time, we all don't give 100% all the time, no matter what or job is or how much we get paid, so if this is the worst Jimmy does, 3 incidents over 12-13 years, I'm good, this talking to him, talking to Kyle about his pitching annoys me, how bout talking to the pitchers who make 24mill and give up lots of home runs/leads, I mean if we talk to people based on salary alone, how bout talk 2 brown and his tiptoe thru the tulips attitude to tracking fly balls. Jimmy is least of our concern, worry about the bullpen, ie Linbolm, Rosenberg, Schwimmer, whoever blowing games, worry about who will play 3rd base next year, outfield, Jimmy is Jimmy, fantastic glove 50+rbis/year as a leadoff plus power

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how bout talking to the pitchers who make 24mill and give up lots of home runs/leads

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