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August 03, 2012


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Lou Montanez... what ever happened to him? He tore it up in ST.

Frank Klose

Lou was released after hitting .160 in AAA. Funny how things work sometimes.

Ray K.

Wait a minute- because Juan Pierre is hitting well, and stealing bases, we should let him go? Am I missing something here, or isn't that exactly the kind of player you should be wanting on the team? Who cares if a player hits right handed or left handed, if they can hit? There are a number of good left handed hitters that can hit left handed pitching. Apparently Juan Pierre is one of them, if he is hitting .312.
I think he should be KEPT and offered a contract for next season.

Frank Klose

Ray, he is not in their plans. Domonic Brown is. And if Domonic Brown is going to start, there's no room for Pierre. Pierre can't play center anymore, and even if he could, all they have is left-handed bats.

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