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September 26, 2012


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E O'Neal

Once again Phillies fans deliberately skip the truth. Those paying attention & those who heard Werth post-game or read the news know the truth:

If you watched Werth during his yrs in Phila as I did then you know when he has the ball at the end of an inning he always tosses it to the crowd, as he did earlier in this game. The ball landed in a young woman's lap. A guy behind her immed reached around, grabbed the ball, & threw it back.

In the 9th, Werth saw the kids above the dugout & was clearly going to toss a ball. But as he went to do so he saw a the older, angry, intoxicated men behind the boys & thought tossing a ball would end somewhat negatively. THAT'S why he rolled it into the dugout. As Werth hit into CF, pushing the Nats to a 7-4 lead - his teammate (& friend), Morse, unloaded half a bag of balls to the kids.

Oooo, what a baaad story, what a naaasty stupid guy. Gee, maybe the whole city should make itself look even MORE globally idiotic on satellite tv & boo Werth even harder next time.

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