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November 07, 2012


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Johnson Weser

Like his 100mph fastball and makeup. Could have helped this year!

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It seems like only Scott Mathieson turned out to do something good during the regular season.

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It would have been nice for the Phillies to have a guy come out of the bullpen and put up numbers like he did in Japan.

Japanese Baseball Fan

Both of them decided to continue playing baseball for Yomiuri Giants in 2013 season.

Needless to say, Scott Mathieson was awesome. His fast and good controlled ball made Japanese player be hard to make hits. His pitching had been never unstable with runners.

John Bowker made powerful liner drives. I don't know why he was an hero only in preseason games and post season games. In the post season games, he won the player of the post season.

It is rare case that major leaguer play baseball as a member of Yomiuri Giants for two years. I hope they will make a good record in next season.

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