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December 20, 2012


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Tom VH

Good article as the kids are alright! If we look past the 2013 and say Utley is not back .. We have an outfield of 28 and younger... And my guess is Utley will be rrplaced with young talent... Michael young will be replaced as well... So that would leave Howard and Rollins... So in 2014 we are looking at 5-7 starters under 30 years that will be making next to nothing.. And on top of that we will have those young guys who will be together for a long time, which means great chemistry down the road, probably... I think RAJ is doing the right thing! Keep in mind this isnt including the pitching staff. However the BP is pretty young aside from Adams and Pap. So i think we are in good place for this and the next few seasons

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