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December 19, 2012


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So glad someone else views it this way. I'm sick of hearing about brown being a bust give the guy a steady chance. Everyone is fine with giving Mayberry his time and suffering through his struggles but Dom Brown they just wanna cast off. Let the man play

Ray K.

I agree completely- I don't see why the Phillies can win with an outfield of Mayberry, Ben Revere and Domonick Brown (with Nix and Ruf, and/or the Rule 5 slick outfielder they picked up. I think that all of these have potential, and they already are on the roster! Why not give the Browns of this world a chance to see what they can do?

Ray K.

Of course, I meant "I don't see why the Phillies CAN"T win." Oops


I have season tickets for the Iron Pigs and get to sit next to the scouts from other teams. I asked a bunch of scouts to give me their impression of Brown and to a man I got; athletic, strong arm, decent speed, but swing is too long and slow hands on inside pitches. They all felt that he would max out at around .250 15-20hr 50-65rbi in a full season, most said a 4th outfielder at best. Maybe the Phillies scouts feel the same way. Maybe you guys are living on the past hype and not watching the actually talent he posses. He is NOT the answer

Dirk Durstein

What bleeping nonsense! 112 games and 433 at bats over two years is a pretty good audition for a young player with lots to prove. Why aren't those numbers higher? Because he "didn't get a chance" from the Phils? No, because his numbers - the stat line of .235/.316/.396 - were pathetic. Plus he was clumsy and erratic in the OF. No one should give up on him at age 25; but he has failed to show that he is an everyday MLB player. In fact, if you look behind the numbers, you see that he has twice been handed the everyday job in RF, and both times failed to contribute. The burden should be on the young player to show he can produce. The team has no obligation to keep playing a guy who does not produce. My guess is that Brown has been harmed by virtue of being over-hyped; not his fault, but not the Phils' fault, either. The truth is that he is far from the next Darryl Strawberry, and maybe not even the next Von Hayes. I would not give up on him; but neither would I play him ahead of John Mayberry, who has hit well when allowed to play, and seems to have more talent. Let him work his way into the lineup the old-fashioned way, by earning it - not by having it handed to him on a silver platter.

Jake Pavorsky


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