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September 06, 2012


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Finally. I'm glad somebody came out & said it.
Why is Michael Martinez even on the team ? If he's
on the 2013 team I hope ONE MILLION Less Fans go
to the ball games, cause it would show the Phillies
management needs a major shake up. Guys like
Kevin Fransen,Pete Orr are so much better & we have
several other choices in the minors that are better. Let Micheal Martinez GO !


Finally? My blog has been crusading against Michael Martinez since spring training of 2011.

Sports Talk Philly

Carson - Never actually wanted him here, I just could not take it anymore after yesterday's game. Read your blog faithfully, as everyone else should!


Just checking the stats and if Martinez could improve his average to 246 like Jimmy Pop Up he could make 11 million dollars for 3 more years. Amazing isn't it?

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Keith Gorman

After watching today and yesterday's preseason losses, last night capped with a Martinez error late in the game, I'm also asking what in the world is he doing in the majors at all.

He can't hit, he's mediocre at best in fielding, he literally just takes up space, and not much of that either. Sorry Charlie...

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