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November 15, 2012


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Wait, so you're asking me if I'm ok with giving up two big question marks in Dom Brown and Ruf, a 3-5 starter in either Worley or Cloyd and a lottery ticket for a Franchise Player? A Superstar, if not right now, then at least in the making. That's crazy. I make that trade ever day of the week and I'm a huge Dom Brown supporter. I don't know how you don't make that trade to be honest.

jack shirk

I say we do what it takes to get this guy... He's a great player and we could wrap him up for a long time and give him a contender where he could be happy. Go for it Phillies!!!

Eli Bank

Dom Brown? Sure. Babe Rufe? NO WAY. I love the idea of having a power hitting kid in left field. Trade Brown and Cloyd. I'm ok with that.


Howard, brown and cloyd for Stanton


This would free up the 25 mil a year for Howard, you could still go out and get Upton, sign Chavez to platoon at 3rd with Fradsen and Mayberry at first or go after another 1st base

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