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February 19, 2013


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he may be OK, but why take on troubles and empty your system to do it.....not good.....Phils got to hope their pitching will hold up. Nothing sure there at all...
the only thing sure is HOPE????


I would offer the Marlins our entire team with the exception of our three starting aces, Chooch, Revere, Utley, Howard, Cody Ashe and (maybe) Jesse Biddle in return for Giancarlo Stanton (and throw in cash-something the Marlins' ownership worships above all else)..

That's how good Giancarlo Stanton is and he's going to get even better.
And considering the fact that no national rating organization has any Phils farm system prospect rated above (maybe) 85th, how much would we really have to lose?

If necessary, I'd be willing to play left but hopefully it won't come to that. At 64, I'm almost as slow as Delmon Young (who is currently penciled in to play right field, the same position that Stanton would command.

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