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April 11, 2013


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Calvin Hobbes

"But even while Bailey was being attacked, he refused to resort to violence and never fought back."

maybe if he fought back he'd be alive


There's no need for that @CalvinHobbes it's rude and absolutely uncalled for. Show some respect not only for the family but for yourself.

Donna Sutton

This story left me awake for night's thinking how sad and how easy this can happen again. My son too has been bullied this school yr for no reason...it's just because....My deepest sympathy to Bailey's family...I can only hope the our states take a stronger stand on conquering such stupidity in our schools.


Cant believe kids these days,resorting to bullying,
is so not cool.It needs to end now!


Absolutely heartbreaking. Calvin, is that really an appropriate thing to post? Why not leave your smart thinking to yourself?


Calvin, I'm not going to attack you for that extremely ignorant comment, but did you ever think maybe he just simply wasn't a violent person? I was always taught to stick up for myself and have gone my 27 years with minimal bullying because I didn't allow people to bully me. However, I commend Bailey for not resorting to violence. It's not his fault that some parentless kid maliciously attacked him, and that's what you're implying. This family is now without a child because of a senseless act, have some heart, man. My heart goes out to this family.

Sports Talk Philly

I would delete the comment but I am not sure how. Thank you all for chiming in. Hopefully in lieu of deleting the comment this will be a teachable moment for Calvin instead.

James Hathaway

Calvin, I promise you that you would be singing a different tune if that was your family member that was stolen from you. Put yourself in other's shoes and try to empathize with how they are feeling before being so callous.


@joseph - These days? Come on, bullying is not a new phenomenon.

Sad story. I believe that parenting, education, and zero tolerance for bullying are what the solution contain.

kathy v

I too grew up in the Delaware County area.

My Prayers to Bailey's Loving memory and to All of his family and friends.

To all of the other children that have been bullied, REMEMBER KARMA, It will come back to the bullies one day.

I am soooo sorry for what Bailey went thru, but he did the right thing and WALKED AWAY.


Calvin sounds like a bully...god bless bailey


Kids are just angrier today. Both parents working, daycare starting at 2 or 3 years old - not coming home until it's almost bedtime anyway. Way too young to be thrown into the world like that - into a lonely "fend for yourself" existence. Not defending bullies, but I'd bet that's a reason why it's gotten worse and more violent compared to the old days, a flaw in today's society for sure.


Calvin, maybe if the kids who beat him didn't fight in the first place he would be with us still. Bullying is a real issue and the best way to fight it is not encouraging more violence.


Trying to wrap my head around why 'Calvin Hobbes' is wrong for suggesting the boy fight back. Heh.

I like the mock outrage "OMG no violence is not the answer". It is Philly/NJ. Violence and crudity is everyday, everywhere even in grade school. I survived the area and these kind of experiences personally.

Either leave the area or prepare them for the meat grinder. Any other option and you are not doing your job as a parent.


Great point Natalie, and I'd take it a step further by defining terms here. This wasn't a fight. A fight happens between willing particpants. Those two bullies weren't "fighting" with Bailey. Let's call this for what it was - a murder.


I feel that Calvin could have come across his point in a more politically correct manner, but now, it seems that this post is bullying Calvin,you should be ashamed of yourselves , this post was about baily and has now turned into being about how awful calvin is...i honestly feel when pushed into a corner defend yourself, it has been taught in our society and the bible , eye for an eye, I even saw where someone just said that karma would take care of the bullys, if that is not a direct attack i dont know what is, does that mean if you crash into me with your car, karma should have your car crashed into by another, how about we do what were doing now,educate, bullying is being faught ever more now than ever befor, its a start, will it ever be over? NO, there will always be the mentally unstable indiviual who cannot control their actions, all i can say is you better start defending yourselves because soon enough noone is going to be there to do it for you, i am so sorry for the loss of baily, its so sad and it breaks my heart, but i still ask myself, how does anyone know baily didnt defend himslef? and did not partake in any violence?, was it wittnessed to affirm this statment, if so then those wittnessing it are just as much to blame for not stopping it, just my opinion, you can beat me up all you want on this post, i can take it, just sayin...


I don't think what Calvin said is offensive at all! It's a horrible tragedy that this boy died and those bullies should go to prison for a very long time! That said, what if Bailey had fought back? He very well may be alive today! John's point is so true! If you are going to raise your kids in area's where violence is an everyday thing, teach them to stand up for themselves! As for the parents of the bullies? WTF?!?!


Sure, he totally should have fought back, then two children might be senselessly dead.


John Hasson

Such a sad story. Glad to see the Phillies doing their part. What do you do with that bully??? I am assuming that he is around the same age, maybe older, say 13 or 14. Bleak outlook.

D. R. Schleifer

My heart goes out to Bailey's family. I grew up outside of Philly (am still a Phillies fan), and am pleased to see the team and management reaching out to this family. I can imagine that when the Carpenter family owned the team, that they would have shown the same "class".
By the way: I too was bullied unmercifully -- fortunately by words and not beatings, but words wound the soul and spirit as well. It was quite a while before I could forgive my bullies. I have learned to do so, with God's help, so that I wouldn't carry it around my whole life... but I know, only too well, the pain and anguish it can cause. I pray for all those are bullied -- and, yes, I pray for the bullies as well, that they may learn compassion and kindness -- and receive it as well. I also hope the bullies in this case learn remorse, and have the consequences of their actions brought home to them.

Ty Sterling

There is big difference between choosing to not fight back when you don't need to and not being able to fight back when you need to. This is an entirely separate issue from the sensitivity to his death, his family and the community. The fact remains, if he had some self defense skills training, he may very well be alive today. And that's not to say it would have required him to even touch one of the bullies. One who is prepared can scare off, intimidate, confuse, or a million other ways transform a situation before it comes to physical violence. That being said, if fighting is necessary, nothing but the real ability to fight back will help. God bless Bailey and his family, may he rest in peace.


Why is everyone ganging up on Calvin? As a mother, it is my duty to make sure my son knows how and when to defend himself. He will be enrolled in some form of martial arts, and my husband will make sure he knows how to throw and block a punch. It's sad what happened to this boy, and I pray it doesn't happen to mine. But he will know that starting a fight is never going to be allowed, but fighting to defend himself or others is always allowed.


I disagree with Calvin I myself am a 14 year old boy. Maybe if all the kids in the world were like Baily there would be no fights,bullying or anything of that manner. When I was 12 I was only in 6th grade if it is the same with him there is no reason for him to try and fight back he's in 6TH grade!!!! I wish I could be like Baily. I don't go around fighting kids for no reason but if someone pushes me around I start to push back. I wish I wasn't like that and I want to change myself so I am not like that. If it goes to push and shove and "eye for an eye" nothing gets resolved. The only thing that would come out of it is a fat lip, black eye,a bloody nose and a trip to the principal's office s you can get suspended. I live in a very very very small town as opposed to New Jersey and I was raised to fight back. I have before when I was younger but now I can control my anger now I just punch a wall. I just believe you can get more done by not fighting back in all honesty I think it makes it worse on yourself because next time he'll bring his friends as a matter of fact there was a fight at my school yesterday 2 kids beat up another kid. Will that resolve their conflicts?????? NO!!!!!!!! It will raise the anger at one another and there will just be another fight. All you need to do if someone keeps bullying you is walk to your teacher and say words. That;s it don't fight back like I said it ,makes it worse on yourself. I don't know I just want to be like Baily and have no violence what so ever. I hope this is a lesson that is learned to all teenagers like myself, older and younger. There is hope to stop violence like Baily being brutally attacked and still not converting to violence. BAILY YOU ARE MY NOW ONE OF MY ROLE MODELS.

Deb M

It just sickens me of the lack of respect for human life these days. We need to figure out why kids/teens feel the need to demean other kids for the sake of making themselves feel better and powerful? Where is the sense of empathy in children/teens? I am not naive that bulling didn't exist in my generation but I don't recall anyone being pushed anyone to the point of killing/seriously hurting another person...especially at that age! We as parents need to be aware of how we teach our children that the world is a diverse place of different cultures, religions, opinions, handicaps, sizes, shapes, intelligence, etc. That nobody is perfect, that we should always try to get along with each other. Where are they learning this behavior? TV? Movies? Family members? I know that kids learn by example and if they see it, they grow to feel that it's the norm. It's up to us parents or guardians to show them the way of peaceful living and not be blind to such behaviors.

My prayers go out to Bailey's family and to Bailey up there in heaven.


As an adult survivor of bullies (both verbal and physical), I want to share two thoughts.

One - it is NEVER the fault of the kid being bullied. No matter how unique these kids are, no matter that they "don't fit" into someone's idea of normal, there is never, ever a reason to verbally or physically bully someone.

Two - Why fighting back and "defending yourself" works to keep the bullies at bay, it does not stop them. My father, a navy boxer, taught me to fight back, so that I did not get beat up on the way home from school, but the abuse does not stop.
The way to stop bullies - it to live above them. Bullies are ignorant, stupid people who feel out of control unless they are calling the shots and being the center of attention. They should be shamed and marginalized and taken out of the stoplight.

To all those being bullied, I tell you "It DOES get better." Tell someone what is happening, report bulling. It is not "tattling".
Then make something of yourself that you can be proud of, rise above the words and bruises. Prove yourself what we know you to be - the better person.

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