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January 27, 2014


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money and draft picks are two things this team has decided not to give out easily anymore. The owners seem to have given Amaro only so much, like any parent would do to a child who hasn't a clue would do, because they seem to be waiting for his contract to expire then they can go out and get another gm. What they don't want his Amaro miring the organization in more albatross contracts that are handcuffing the Phillies economically, and more importantly, talent wise. I was looking at the top ten first basemen and I know Howard won't be up there but wondered what will he do this year? Will he show he is worth the money they paid him? I hope in the offseason and his rehab time they taught him about curve balls

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Good post. It seems that spending money on young talent would be the right thing to do, instead of crazily-priced free agents. The thing about this catcher is that it wouldn't cost a draft pick to sign him, so it seems to make sense. Since the Phillies' first round pick is protected, I would have signed the youngest free agent out there to a long-term deal. But, that didn't happen...


I forgot about that protected first rounder! I was secretly hoping Amaro would surprise us all(hoping my above post was untrue) and go out for Tanaka, another big talent that would only cost money, but that was not the case. I am still hoping to see them pick up a starting pitcher

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