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January 24, 2014


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Seriously? You turned his tweet into an article. What kind of "blog" are you? What did you offer me that that tweet didn't? #useless


Thank you for that graphic. Minor league deal most likely, and you're labeling him "starting pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies" what an embarrassment to journalism. This "website" is a glorified (using that term loosely) Twitter feed. He hasn't thrown a pitch in a Philly uniform, but you're willing to make a graphic about him? Due to the lack of information? Please defend this article and graphic, because there are plenty of Philly baseball blogs out there who offer original commentary, rather than some high school kid who turns tweets into articles (Matt). Interested to see the response, as I am very connected in the advertising scene in Philly, and know how much this website has been looking for coverage, giving all of us here a good chuckle.

Sports Talk Philly

Hi "B". Not sure who this Matt is you speak of, but there is no Matt who writes for us. If you'd love to gives us your actual name, we'd love to have a conversation about your comments. Not everyone is on Twitter and would like to hear about any news that breaks. I guess you don't, but thanks for reading anyway.

Scotch Man

Me thinks B = Kyle Scott

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