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March 06, 2014


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Jim Stell

Have you ever heard of proof-reading?

Jim Stell

Also, have you ever heard of hypocrisy?
Jesus Christ, this is a terrible article. The content is weak and the writing is terrible. It helps if you don't insult your own audience. I'll take my viewing and reading pleasure elsewhere.

Mike DP

Fantastic, fantasic, fantasic.. I agree 100%.. Calm down fans, have fun, enjoy the game.
Why are these fans so on edge... You need to find another hobby.


Well, this was a big waste of space and time. Fans have the right to complain when the team does something they don't like. The last time I checked, this was a free country and freedom of speech was still applicable. When people are giving their OPINIONS, it's not going to change anyone's mind, they're expressing their frustration. You need to get thicker skin if you don't like criticism. No wonder you like the Phils, you both suck. And that's my OPINION. I know that there are some who may actually like you, but I am not one of them.


sigh... finding the 12 craziest comments you can find and then yelling at people who (by virtue of reading your article in entirety) could never have been those comment-writers doesn't sound like a smart or satisfying idea, does it?

You're never going to influence crazies. Maybe you should stick to trying to influence sane people. Start with not insulting them.

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