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March 21, 2014


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A nice write up as always Frank. I agree with you no fans want to see the glory players leave but hey, they will always be remembered and you want to have the new age of the Phillies to continue the success. I see the Tv deal as the way out of this mess in putting more money towards scouting and free agents if need be. I just hope they draft and develop well and get the farm system loaded with talent. We have the money to buy it's just the "spend wisely" tactic.


Any other GM would've had the sense to know when it was time to move on. Most philly fans would agree. The red sox ( who I am watching the Phils play now) knew when they had to move on. I see Chip Kelly shopping the Desean Jackson. The lesson the Phillies failed to grasp was there is no player too big to move. Giving old players(by baseball standards) contracts that secure them here and block young talent from moving up is bad business. While I will always love those teams that won, the more I see them fading the more painful it is and the more I see my team holding on to the past in refusal to see reality, the more disinterested and disheartened I become. Go Phils, move on already. I would rather watch Ruf at first, hernandez at second galvis at short. Change is good and the phils are stagnant.

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