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May 12, 2014


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When the Gm is finally fired I suspect there will be parades everywhere and if this is what gets him fired, I'm all for it. Amaro understaffed this team with a noticeable lack of talent. The worst part was Galvis had to play for defense. The only reliable man defensively for the phils had two hits in who knows how many games, pitchers hit better. All the promise Amaro lied about before the season was for who's benefit cuz the fans that follow this team know he is full of it. He didn't even want to get Burnett. He could have ervin santana for the same price minus a second round draft pick but with considerable more talent and youth which would have left atlanta without their now best pitcher. Nelson Cruz could have been had for the same price as Byrd and let's just say anyone could have been an improvement for this bullpen. Saying Amaro did little over the winter is an overstatement for the kind of fluff he was selling during spring training. That is why he should be gone. I secretly think he wasn't given much to use since he has shown poor judgenment in the past and he may be on his way out thinking he will not be brought back when his contract expires to burn through money a smarter man could make better use of.

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