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April 12, 2012


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Seriously? Have you (meaning the general public that complains about this crap) been to the stadium? You can't even hear or understand the words in the 10 second snip they play of any song!! If you don't like it, then don't listen. And you are probably not a Phillies phan anyway.


Agreed with Frank. There are plenty of other choices with which to make a selection from that don't contain lyrics (or titles) which include racial slurs or derogatory words for women.

It's a family friendly park (at least it's supposed to be though I find very little evidence of that anymore), so they should make the attempt to keep the controllables clean. Music is one of those things that is obviously controllable to them.

Add this to my litany of reasons why I never want Vince anywhere near that place.


Nothing in Philly is family friendly

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