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May 12, 2012


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Hah. Hahahhaha. Hah.

Displaced Phan

That's some serious Natitude. What a dope. Soon as I think he isn't a douche, he does this. Just goes to show, you should always go based on pre-first impressions.

Sports Talk Philly

I agree - I thought he had turned the corner and was ready to step up too.

Sports Talk Philly

Looks like Harper is in the lineup...


If the joke of a manager does not bench him nor even send a message other than woe is me, then his players will continue to have egos bigger than their guts. At least Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard pride translates into work ethic. This guy's only ethic is that the Phillies are targetting him and that alone does not make him talented. News flash: every major league rookie gets plunked, booed, and sent home crying. You're not that special just because you notice these things and they fulfill your fantasy.

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